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What’s Inside This Book…

  • Life-giving parent-child relationships

  • The gift & sacrifice of adoption

  • Abortion

  • Post-abortion healing

  • Miscarriage

  • Infertility

  • Welcoming special needs children

  • Healing from sexual abuse

  • Overcoming addiction

Life — It CAN Be Messy…

It can also be beautiful… Pregnant at fifteen-years-old, and choosing to keep her child, Laura Lynn Hughes, knew that her life would never be the same. Through her compelling story and the stories of others — parents struggling with miscarriage, infertility, abusive relationships, addictions, abortions, and those mourning the children they placed for adoption — we witness beauty and redemption rising from the ashes of lost hope.

Choose Zoe: A Story of Un-Planned parenthood and the Case for Life (Red Arrow Media, September 4, 2018) tells Laura’s testimonial of how her unplanned pregnancy turned out to be a beautiful gift from God and embedded the pro-life cause deep within her heart. 

Laura’s book is centered around the Greek word, Zoe, which means Life, and it refers to the abundant life Jesus came to give us, referenced in John 10:10. Choose Zoe helps readers to choose hope in the face of despair while living with mercy and compassion, and believing we serve a good God who holds our futures in His hands.

For young mothers, fathers, community leaders, and pastors, Laura’s stories offer practical tools and guidance for an unplanned pregnancy, providing hope, courage, and healing.

Move Beyond Pain To Healing And Abundant Life

Kind Words About Choose Zoe

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“An unplanned pregnancy, like so many situations in life, can throw us for a loop and lead us into hopelessness and despair. But with great wisdom, insight, and vulnerability, Laura Lynn Hughes shares her own moving testimony and reminds us that we serve a God who anoints every single human life with great value, hope, and potential.”
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"The pro-life movement does not point fingers of condemnation at the world, but rather extends hands of mercy, hope, and strength. Choose Zoe demonstrates that powerfully, and I urge you to absorb its message and pass it on."

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"Laura has poured out her heart and unleashed the argument of love. Her vulnerable words are passionate, powerful and wholly inspirational." 
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"An amazing journey from teenage victim to life champion."
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“Choose Zoe by Laurie Lynn Hughes is a work of not only encouragement and inspiration, but also reflection and application, informing and involving the reader in saving and transforming lives. That’s exactly what I believe it will take to restore a culture of life in our society. I encourage church leaders in particular to read Choose Zoe. As the body of Christ, it’s time we become the hands and feet of Christ—living and serving those in need.”
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"His Holiness Pope Francis was pleased to receive your letter and he thanks you for sharing your book [Choose Zoe] with him. The Holy Father assures you of his prayers for God's abundant blessings."

A Letter From The Vatican Written on Behalf of Pope Francis

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About The Author…

Today, Laura Lynn Hughes is a mother of five children and grandmother of eleven. Laura volunteers at her local Alpha Pregnancy Clinic and Alpha Mobile Unit, and is the co–founder of A Movement of Love ministry, serving as a speaker and teacher about pregnancy, fetal development, and post–abortion trauma and recovery in community colleges, high schools, and conferences, both nationally and internationally. In addition to her volunteer work, Laura operates a Northern California photography studio, Images By Hughes. The infant daughter whom Laura chose to raise as a fifteen-year-old unwed mother is now an adult, wife and mother of four children of her own, and serves her community as a school psychologist.



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